Exploring Computers Steven L. Mandell

ISBN: 9781283707428

Published: May 9th 2014


198 pages


Exploring Computers  by  Steven L. Mandell

Exploring Computers by Steven L. Mandell
May 9th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 198 pages | ISBN: 9781283707428 | 10.56 Mb

This is the second book in a series of ten electronic books designed to educate young children and school-age students about information technologies and the digital world they live in.Who will benefit from this book?This book is most suitable for young people in their second to fourth grade levels at school.It is also very helpful for teachers introducing ICT or integrating it into the curriculum.Contents: Book Two comprises five modules: Module 1: Exploring ComputersThis module introduces students to basic computing.

The student begins to understand how a computer works- the nature of hardware and software- and how to manipulate information. Adventure One: Lets Explore The ComputerAdventure Two: Lets Explore SoftwareAdventure Three: Lets Explore The Desktop Adventure Four: Lets Explore the Apple Macintosh DesktopAdventure Five: Lets Explore Audio StoriesAdventure Six: Lets Explore How to Save and Store InformationModule 2: The KeyboardThis module encourages students to confidently explore and work with the computer, particularly the keyboard. It includes specific instruction about correct finger placement.

Adventure One: Exploring The KeyboardAdventure Two: Lets Explore Proper Keyboarding TechniquesAdventure Three: Exploring the Cell-Phone Touch ScreenModule 3: Cell Phones and Tablet ComputersThis module introduces and explains to students what cell phones and tablet computers are and how they work. Adventure One: Cell Phones and TabletsModule 4: Observing ScienceThis module introduces students to using a computer to learn about and to practice science and investigation.

It comprises four units which focus on working with information on a computer. Adventure One: Observing AnimalsAdventure Two: Lets Classify Animal FamiliesAdventure Three: Lets Explore Our BodiesAdventure Four: Lets Explore Visual ImagesModule 5: Presenting StoriesThis module focuses the students attention and activities on the process of communication and how information can be organized and presented. Adventure One: Lets Enjoy Reading and WritingAdventure Two: Learning How to Control Things with ScratchAdventure Two: Learning How to Control Things with LOGOThe book is colorful, creative and contains many challenges and activities designed to help young students understand how digital technologies work and how they may efficiently use them to learn and communicate.All of the recommended software is Open Source.The book also contains an integrated Continuous Assessment process which may be of value in some educational environments.

Modules at each level are divided into skills and knowledge-focused units. At the end of each unit students may describe what they have learned and their parent or teacher may award points for each item covered.

Marks may be accumulated throughout the school year. A grade based upon the total points accumulated may be awarded at any time during the year.There are no tests or examinations in this program.What are the intended uses of this book?1.This book is designed to support both teachers and students in existing ICT curricula and may be useful in introductory programs in areas such as Science, Language Arts, Mathematics and the Arts.2.The book supports public and private education systems instruction and skills training programs to ensure that young people possess the knowledge and skills to function in a digital society, and ultimately to prepare them for entry into higher education and an increasingly digital and computer-based workforce.3.

Students and parents may use the book for home schooling use in support of study projects and personal skills developmen

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