Displaced Vani Krishan

ISBN: 9781482836288

Published: October 2nd 2014


324 pages


Displaced  by  Vani Krishan

Displaced by Vani Krishan
October 2nd 2014 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 324 pages | ISBN: 9781482836288 | 9.40 Mb

Asia is a continent traumatized by its own past, as powerful nations vie with each other for dominance of the large landmass and its resources. A refugee monk travels through a part of the continent, to witness first-hand the effects of this competition on Asias land and its people. The innocent monk, displaced from his land, transforms over a period of time into the head of a major crime syndicate in Asia.

The story is a work of fiction set in the backdrop of true events, highlighting invasions, birth of insurgencies, rise of organised crime and the operations of intelligence agencies in the region. Finally, the story is about an individuals struggle to maintain balance between love, hatred and righteousness, in the face of violent odds. In an attempt to live a normal life, the refugee views events from different perspectives- as a victim, a perpetrator, a witness and a monk. He finds wealth at the end of his struggle and finally at the pinnacle of success, he turns to spiritualism to find inner peace.

The wheel of life turns a full circle and the monk resurfaces to triumph against all odds. History repeats itself with amazing consistency.

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