Foundation Degree in Psychology

Description A foundation degree is a combined vocational and academic qualification in higher learning, equivalent to about two-thirds of a bachelor’s degree, launched by the UK government in 2021. The degree was initially known as foundation degree program and it combines subjects like psychology, social sciences and life sciences, all related to academic disciplines. In United Kingdom, all postgraduate students have to take foundation degree. The course duration is usually two years or longer, based on the student’s graduation date aat level 2.


Generally, all foundation courses are offered online and students do not have to join a campus learning centre to enroll for them. Those who have a desire to advance their professional careers can do so by enrolling for foundation degree. Most of these courses are available in business, law, health and engineering. Psychology courses are quite popular and there is no limit on the number of courses that can be taken up in this subject. You need to have basic computer skills in order to complete the foundation degree.


The course content varies depending on the specific foundation degree program that you select. Some of these courses are psychology research methods, personality development etc. For instance, in psychology research methods, the learners gain knowledge and practice techniques in conducting researches. There are many subjects to be covered in the course, so it is advisable to enroll for foundation degree program which covers the major topics.


There are many organizations that offer foundation courses at a nominal fee aat level 3. If you don’t want to take up the entire course, then you can choose the pre-requisite courses which can be completed beforehand. Pre-requisites include completion of high school or college degree. You can even shorten your course by taking up one or two topics from the prerequisites. There is no restriction on the number of subjects that you can take. However, you must complete the topics successfully before advancing to the next level.


Once you have finished your foundation degree in psychology, you can apply for advanced psychology programs. If you have more subjects to cover, then you can opt for a PhD in psychology. There is no restriction on the number of years you should complete your postgraduate studies in psychology. However, most programs give you a maximum of three years of full time study.


You can look up various online psychology schools offering various foundation degrees in psychology. You will find several institutions that offer these courses. Once you are satisfied with the course, you can enroll for the course and start your career as a psychology professional. This will also provide you with a clear knowledge about the course content and enable you to assess yourself whether the course is suitable for you or not.

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